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The Big Homie Glass Pipe is an affordable and high quality pipe that comes in a wide variety of colours. This pipe has been coined as one of our best sellers. When our customers need a high quality glass pipe – the Big Homie fits the mold perfect!


The Big Homie glass pipe is a cheap, reliable and high quality glass pipe that comes in a wide variety of different colours. This is glass pipe from Canada that has been one of our best sellers for years! Our customers in need of a cheap glass pipe that provides high quality hauls for a any smoke session look to the Big Homie Glass Pipe for all their needs.

Our pipes are always available in a wide variety of colours, such as pink pipes, blue pipes, black pipes, clear pipes and more – if you are looking for a pipe colour that we do not have – you can contact us or check out our other pipes here

Glass hand pipes are the best for transportation and ensuring that you can smoke anywhere – when simplicity and discretion are important, this pipe is perfect for you.

Pipe Colours that may be available: Pink, Blue, Amber, Black, Clear, Golden Orange, Green, Smokey

Always the highest quality smoking products available from Bongs Canada


Blue, Jade, Pink, Purple, Smokey

Brand Name

Wacky Tabacky


$0 – $50

Item Type

Hand Pipes


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