Big Bongs For Sale In Canada

We offer some of Canada’s best selling big bongs. If you need a tall bong or are looking for something that might hit just a little bit different, these are the bongs for you. Made of 100% Canadian Glass, we always offer a high quality product that will provide you with that high quality hit.

While some prefer to have a bong that is storable and easy to put away, others want a big bong that provides a huge amount of room for those massive hits – below you can find our great selection of tall bongs in Canada that can suit your needs.

  • LMAO Glass
    Beaker Bong

    Basic Bitch – Tall (7mm)

    All of our Beaker Bongs are custom made in a varieties of colours and sizes. These custom cool bongs are crafted from high quality glass, made to help give you some of the best smoking experience. These bongs are a beauty to look at and also a great show piece to your friends.