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Often referred to as Kitchener’s twin sister, Waterloo’s history is a dynamic aspect of the city. Founded in 1854, with growth happening rapidly due to manufacturing and freight railroads, Waterloo was officially established as the City of Waterloo five years later.

The population of Waterloo is described as warm and inviting people with a strong work ethic and sense of community.

Marijuana Culture in Waterloo

Many things make the city of Waterloo inviting, including a thriving marijuana culture. Even before legalization, Waterloo was ahead of the curve. Thanks to this shift in social perception, Wacky Tabacky offers a unique and exciting experience that will cater to your every need.

With more than just dab rigs and bongs, we also stock CBD products for those looking for oils or lotions to soothe aching muscles after an intense workout or a long day at work.

Finding the Best Head Shop in Waterloo

Using Wacky Tabacky to browse online, you can find everything from bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and more. There is something for every budget with the lowest prices guaranteed, offering a wide range of products for your convenience.

With more than just smoking supplies, we also have a knowledgeable staff who will go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied. Our brick-and-mortar store, conveniently located at 62 Balsam Street Unit B104 in Waterloo, is open from 11:30 to 20:00 Monday to Friday and 11:30 to 18:00 on Saturday. 

Picking the Right Bong for You

All bongs are not created equal, which is why we make it a priority to offer extensive descriptions of each item. Don’t get overwhelmed by our huge selection and choose the perfect piece for your nights at home in the great city of Waterloo!

Some cool features we offer are:

  • Unique/cool Bongs 
  • Custom Bongs 
  • Tall Bongs 
  • Colour Changing Bongs 
  • Straight Bongs 
  • Coil Bongs 
  • Beaker Bongs
  • Hookahs 

Whether you’re a new cannabis prospect or an old pro, at our establishment, we have pipes, bongs, and dab rigs in all sorts of sizes perfect for your individual preferences.

On top of pipes, we offer unique smoking accessories, including vaporizers and custom bowls.

710 In Waterloo

710 is 420 for concentrates. Marijuana extracts and concentrates have been around for a long time but are still quite unknown. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have found us online, then good on ya!

If you need an introductory course about concentrates, then we’re here to help. At Wacky Tabacky, your questions and concerns will be answered by our knowledgeable Waterloo staff. We make it a priority to ensure that you fully understand each product before purchasing.

Just like bongs, there are several different ways to smoke concentrates. These include:

Our dab rigs are top quality, so you can expect nothing but the best. We take pride in our selection and stock only the highest-quality dab rigs available at affordable prices.

Where to Buy CBD in Waterloo?

CBD can be used for a variety of purposes, sometimes to help with pain and inflammation. Other times it is sought after for its calming effects, like when suffering from anxiety or insomnia. Regardless of your reasons for looking into CBD at Wacky Tabacky, we have you covered!

We offer a selection of top-quality CBD products that will make browsing online exciting and unique. It’s no secret that CBD has become a huge thing in Canada, but we are dedicated to offering the best quality products at affordable prices.

CBD products are completely safe, natural, and healthy. They are made using CBD oil extracted directly from the stalks and seeds of hemp plants. This oil is a particularly effective pain-reliever, anti-inflammatory, and antidepressant, acting on your endocannabinoid system to promote homeostasis in the human body.

The hemp plant is renowned for its CBD production and has been used as a therapeutic tool for thousands of years. Once you try our CBD oils, tinctures, and vape pens, you won’t want to settle for anything less!

Things to do While High In Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo is filled with fun things to do for tourists and residents alike! It’s essential to enjoy the experience of being high while taking a step back and enjoying life.

If you’re looking for things to do with your friends in Guelph, then the following is a list of suggestions:

Take A Walk in Waterloo Park

If you’re out and about in the city, then we suggest checking out Waterloo Park. This area is filled with greenery and is a scenic place to be high. Smoking on the premises is forbidden, so we suggest taking a giant bong hit before your adventure!

Waterloo Public Square

Lots of restaurants, shops, cafes, and live entertainment make this are a great time for everyone! Be sure to get a bite at the KW Taproom, which is right by the Square and locally brewed!

Museum of Technology 

Waterloo Museum has over 50 thousand square feet of exhibitions ranging from traditional history exhibits to interactive displays and hands-on workshops. It’s no surprise that over sixty thousand people come here every year! Be sure to check out their blog for a full list of events and activities.

If you’re looking to spend some time near campus or want to visit an attraction off the beaten path, then head over to Communitech! This non-profit organization is focused on advancing technology companies in Waterloo Region.


As far as quality of life goes, Waterloo is highly ranked in Canada. It has a low unemployment rate and holds more post-secondary graduates than anywhere else in Ontario.

How can you make this idyllic life better? By having all the accessories, you need to take your weed game to the next level!

Make sure you visit Wacky Tabacky Waterloo for your next dab rig or bong! Within our store, you will find expert staff, friendly service, and great deals. We prioritize ensuring you are happy with your purchase and will provide extensive advice on the best products for your needs.